Male Water Resources Management

Surface water is found on the surface of the earth. Oceans, rivers, lakes are part of the surface cavity. This water is not high in mineral water. It is often regarded as soft water and it is exposed to different contaminants like animal waste, pesticides, industrial wastes, pesticides, insecticides, algae and other organic materials. read more>>

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is been threatened by global challenges such as volatile price ranges, technological and geological inconsistency which makes the predictability of cost at an alarming rate. At male, knowing that this problems exist in all oil and gas projects, we are creating new and effective tools to solve these issues read more

Knowledge Management System

At Male, Knowledge is our watchword! We pride ourselves in cutting edge research and expiration to make our services top notch. We make enquiry into the different services we offer and provide consultancy from our vast research database to give our clientele the best we have to offer read more