Steps to executing Borehole project at your proposed site

Male Integrated science Nigeria Limited is an indigenous borehole drilling company registered with corporate Affair Commission (C.A.C). With the current increased urbanization and incessant climant condition, water level is drying up while abstracted aquifers are not replenished fast, therefore Borehole drilling requires experts to manage for sustainability.

Steps to executing Borehole project at your proposed site
a. Reconnaissance survey. (Free).
b. Payment of commitment fee (Hydro Geophysical Prognosis).
c. Signing of Agreement.
d. Payment
e. Project Execution.
f. Project Hand over.

Trained Geologists supervise your drilling projects from design to handing over.
Factors affecting Pricing of borehole
Cost of borehole design is not blind; you dictate the price. Certain factors affecting your pricing which include and not limited to the following:
1. Equipment (a. Industrial Motorized Rig, b. Towing Rig)
2. Casing (a. Normal, b. Thick Casing)
Software: 1. Riser mains and fittings (pipes) (a. Tigre, b. Normal 🙂
2. Cable (a. Nigeria wire and cable, b. H.K and
3. Pump (Allegro, Lorenzo, interdab, sigma, Groundfos, others)
iii. Terrain Differences: Alluvial or basement.
iv. Depth of drilling.
v. Distance from our location. Ibadan, Lagos, Kano, Bayelsa, e.t.c.
vi. Quantity of boreholes to be drilled.
vii. Purpose for which it will serve: Hand Pump, Motorized or solar.

Tips to Effective Borehole Maintenance
1. Make sure the borehole is operated for at least 10minutes everyday.
2. Design your chamber in a manner that no water from the surface infiltrates into the arena.
3. Provide a regulatory device and/or voltage regulator which handles the operation of the pump to prevent direct voltage on the pump.
4. Rejuvenate (flush) your borehole for at least 2 times in a year.
5. In case of interruption in the operation of your borehole, please call our office. 08038088514
At MIS, we design sustainable borehole for your Domestic, Agricultural or Industrial use.

Quantity of Water Expected
Until Hydro-geophysical prognosis is carried out, it wil be difficult to determine what quantity of water is trapped in the aquifer. More so, after the prognosis, the positivity of getting water on your proposed site can only be determined by our reliable equipment and not the volume.

Quantity of water Expected
This is a factors of the following:
1. Characteristics of rock representing the bedrock.
2. Design of the borehole

Working together for a world.
1.Off shore drilling.
2.Asset integrity services
3.Compliance and inspection
5.Software management
6.Oil and gas data
7.Technology and innovation e.t.c.

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