Male Water Resources Management

Surface water is found on the surface of the earth. Oceans, rivers, lakes are part of the surface cavity. This water is not high in mineral water. It is often regarded as soft water and it is exposed to different contaminants like animal waste, pesticides, industrial wastes, pesticides, insecticides, algae and other organic materials.

What we offer
Purification of surface water
We carry out purification through these processes:
Physical Purification
Biological Process
Sand Filtration
Biologically active carbon.

Chemical Process
Use of electromagnetic radiation such as ultraviolet rays.

Power, Agriculture and Conservation
Creation of dams for hydro-electricity and agriculture
Building and maximising co-existing river basins and fadamas Recycling of drainage water and general drainage system management. Creation of safer surface water bodies for living organisms and animals to thrive.
Ground Water is water contained in or by a subsurface layer of soil or rock. Sources recharging the supply of groundwater, including rain that soaks into the ground, rivers that disappear underground and melting snow. Due to the various sources of recharge, groundwater may inhibit contaminants found in surface water as well as the dissolved minerals it picks up underground.

What we offer:
Pumping Testing, Slug Testing and Data Analysis
Groundwater Quantity and Quality Suitability Studies
Numerical Groundwater Modeling
Mounding Studies
septic systems.
Seepage Assessments
Municipal Groundwater Resource Evaluations
Groundwater Impact Studies
Coastal Plain Supply Well Feasibility Assessments
Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction Studies
Groundwater Monitoring
Capture Zone Analysis

Male Drilling
At Male Drilling, we conduct technical searches for water. We use our technical expertise and various chemical testing methods to conduct analysis on particular areas. If you need water, we are best for this purpose as well as sophisticated machines and implements to discover areas with the greatest water density.

Our Services
Hydro-Geophysical Prognosis
Pump installation
Tank and Stanchion Erection
(Braithwaite & Pre-steel Tank).
Technical supervision of Construction
Groundwater prospecting
Environment geophysics
Geo-physical investigation
Dam site engineering
Geo-technical services
geo-technical service
Foundation investigation elevated , surface and underground, tank construction.