An indigenous oil and gas company

Male Integrated Science Nigeria Limited is an indigenous oil and gas company registered with corporate Affair Commission (C.A.C). As the oil and gas industry’s capital expenditures have soared in recent years, capital project execution has become a hot topic in the executive suites of producers and related engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractors. Greatly benefit if projects are approached as a portfolio, rather than as individual events.

Knowledge management.
With a single repository of best practices and learning, a centralized knowledge management system helps companies accelerate their efforts to backfill their technical capability gaps, recognize and anticipate problems, and avoid reinventing the wheel across multiple projects. But many companies implement the technology for a knowledge management system and overlook the necessity of emphasizing sharing within the corporate culture.
Knowledge management should be holistic: It should include on the job mentoring, structured training, and the establishment of institutional mechanisms to capture and disseminate information relevant to project teams.

Supply chain management.
Oil and gas companies miss opportunities to leverage the scale and scope of their business with the supplier base by leaving the work to individual project teams. Leaders in the industry now forecast their needs across several projects, looking for opportunities to aggregate and possibly standardize the demand for specific components (such as pumps) or raw materials (such as steel) and share this information with the supply.

Working together for a world.
1.Off shore drilling.
2.Asset integrity services
3.Compliance and inspection
5.Software management
6.Oil and gas data
7.Technology and innovation e.t.c.

Core values