We are MALE

Male Integrated is a Major provider of consulting and engineering services nationwide. We are a manifold enterprise with personnel that offers expertise in drilling, oil and gas, research and consultancy. Our drive is an integrated company that delivers accurate and real time solutions to our clients.
Male’s cutting edge, viable results, help our clients resolve their water, environment, infrastructure, resource management, energy, and international development challenges. We are delighted to be a home to leading technical experts in every sector and to use that expertise throughout the projects we embark on. Our commitment to provide our clientele with quality service, safety, and a holistic value system is at the core of who we are.

Our Core Principles

At male we value our clients, we put them first because without them, our services won’t be utilized. We pay attention to their needs, offering them smart cost effective solutions to meet their needs. We are committed to their satisfaction.

Our clients problems are our problem. We create and execute real world solutions that are not expensive but practical and efficient, tested and tried.

At male, excellence is our watchword. We bring to the table top notch technical ability, a disciplined set of trained workers, effective project management, with conscious attention to safety and quality of our services.
At male we create a level playing ground for our clients and employees. We have handpicked the best of people to work to create a range of integrated service from which clients can choose from. Everyone has an opportunity at male.